Thursday, August 23, 2012

It ends here

*lap2 hingus kat tisu*
okay terpaksa mengaku habuk setinggi klcc..hehehe
lama dh biar blog terabai..
some of my friend ada ckp
" nurul dia sekarang org london mana dh nk update2 blog "
well to be frank..saya malas dan MALAS..hihihi
cakap pasal org london..skrg london tgh busy with olympic and  I'm back in Malaysia for holidays..hooray!!

it has come to the sad
right now i'm preparing to go back to London
well the not so happy me keep on giving alasan
because I am really berat hati to go back
while everybody celebrating their Raya happily
I'm counting my days left in Malaysia
*lap hingus guna hujung tudung*

leave the sad part for a while..
My raya this year..we have a new family member with us :)
*the phone dance*
as our family getting bigger..the camera-ing job semakin banyak..
well because of miscalculation from the not so good accountant to be..
we short of film while everybody has put up their smile on the face
sorry..never thought everybody will go for the film rather than digital
above all we still have fun on that day
despise all the gaduh-ing for their giliran nak tangkap gambar
who's looks better and who's not
and thats how our family grow *take a bow* eh?

the drama starts here?
well so not..
this is the end of this entry
before i forget..
I've promise myself to update my blog once a week..
and we'll see how its going..
Janji ditepati?
wishing everybody Selamat Hari Raya
and Happy Merdeka :)

p/s: I love you?