Thursday, June 24, 2010

what LOVE means..

love..each person and mind give different meaning or perception about love..between men and men , women and men, women and women, boys and girls..always not the same..even you have the same hobbies, name, skin color or even parents love can't be the same for you..even between you and i..we never know..

Love is any of a number of emotions related to a sense of strong affection and attachment. The word love can refer to a variety of different things.It's easy to fall in love but it's hard to understand love..that's why people always say..don't try to understand but explore yourself in can happen anytime..don't ever say that you'll never fall in's hard to hide your feeling once you fall in love..even men can cry because of love..people change because of love, from good to bad thing and vice versa.. do mean a lot to me..i didn't denied it..i also had been in love..once i taste it, things that come to mind..if only i can turn back time and never played along with love..only remain as wish..for me the love happily ever after only for one..ALLAH..once you felt this feeling you'll realized how sweet it can be..didn't mean to hurt anyone feeling but this is the truth..

He never turn you down, always there for you, hear your what you gotta say , help you whenever you've trouble and more HE forgives you even you've done something terribly bad, even you feel can't forgives yourself....HE don't look you depends on your look..we're are just the same to HIM..I wish I can have this feeling more sooner but to already have this feeling good enough compared to whom don't even get to taste it..ALHAMDULILLAH!!

i write this not to show how good i am..i myself have my dark side..always hear what those bad things come to me..easily affected by this world beauty lies..not strong enough to fight for my own lame me right..adore people who always did things that soon make me forget about HIM..

most of us back off when HE test us..HE never burden us with things we can't bear..there's always reason for that..take you love ones..just to test how much you can accept things happen..don't ever turned HIM down..the small test will lead to big happiness...

People always think for their future but never think about their death..their future is nowhere to be found but death been waiting since they were don't know when you gonna die but it for sure one day it will come..why they never did things to prepare for their death??only things for their they know if the future ever exist??why done things you don't know while there's thing you've known for sure..

I hope you can have good perception of love cause love created for good protect your heart from bad things..and remember don't ever let your love control your mind..always your mind control your love..once you lost of control it's hard to turn me..i've been through it..for all muslims..remember this..even when you feel there's no one in this world can't give their love to you or even to share their piece of heart..ALLAH will always there for you..

P/S : Appreciate what you have..this world don't have second chance for you..ONLY ALLAH can give you more chances..


sticky..hmm..the title sounds weird but this story just a plain story from my day.. :)
my cousin who have stayed with us about 1 week and plus2 (actually can't remember how long he have been here XP ) asked me to bring him to OU..and today we went there..for the first time being the tour guide (dh la xpnh pg OU tu..hahaha) best jugak la jln2..
but actually the most that captured my eyes was the STICKY shop!! when i sampai at that kedai their staff preparing the candy..i stayed and sticked to that placed for about an hour...the staff start to pandang2 us..but their candy make place is open type so it means bleh la nk tgkkn..even dh tgk for an hour and more we walk out from the kedai with nothing in hands..sorrie ye kakak cashier..mhl sgt la..can't give satisfaction.. XP (all the staff mst like tgh kutuk2 or what)

caused this like the first time i round the whole OU nye bangunan, once again I stick to one place..MPH!! being book lover is not a crime right??but didn't bring spare money for my books juz can jln2 and pegang jelah..i stop for a while at John Grisham book shelves..adore his writing so much..even it's a little bit heavy but enjoyed reading it..because the main things i was here to take my cousin for a tour xbleh la nk bertapa lama2 kt MPH.. ;(

after jln2 for about more than 3 hours..(cipta rekod actually..xpnh kluar lme cmni slain tgk wayang :D ) I saw people line up in front of GSC..wonder why..owh it's actually collecting ticket session for BEAST/B2ST showcase..sumpah pnjng gyler and luckily i followed what my mom said..'xpyh la pg, tgk kt dlm tv lg clear..bkn nye dpt jmpe pn..2 ribu bkn nye skit tau..'..if not i might be end up line up till 9 p.m.
so not going to do dat..moreover the showcase will be at 7 pm on saturday..mne nk solat nnt..haish..bkn rezeki la nmenye..

then pnt sdh jln2..called my driver to pick us up..when straight home..letih la..
things i learned today.always follow what your mom say..there's always a good thing behind never want to ruin their you mom..

P/S: don't expect people to change for you..just accept how they are..that's bring more happiness..

Friday, June 18, 2010


Free time!! continuing my story bha..hahaha.. :P (actually dh kne simtom bosan tahap mati sudah)


Pulau time!!
wee..happy like kindergarten kids got candy...since i'm always behaving like a child..have prob bha..went to shop to buy some film for my lomo camera (Lomo-ism have reach my mind)the cashier look at me as if i'm playing around and i end up calling my sister to buy it for me..haiya!! marah sudah nie.. X(
went there with all the Pengarah's family which make our group even bigger to travel...almost reach up to 40 people...seems like having lawatan sambil belajar je..Abg Shahrul and Kak Eja will lead our tour..being our tour guide..thanks to them we have lots2 of fun..not to forget..amat , muaz and nana...thanks for the food.. so yummy but can't eat much cause pnt sgt..sorie..jgn marah bha..since this is only pulau time we spent all the day at the sarapan Uncle Nober an Aunty Nur yg blanja..sedap sgt and thanks for your unforgettable 'nasi lemak'.( ble bce blk bnyk sgt org blanje mkn and my storie end up to be speech to thank all of them.. )
not tired enough spending our day at Pulau Sapi we went to Kg Air to finish our energy :D
since i'm electronic maniac i end up bought some headset, stereo, speaker and last but not least handsfree for my phone..Kak Eja said that this is her first time seing such a girl like me end up with pile of electronic things rather than shopping for bags, cloth, perfume and etc...


Actually it supposed to be Pulau AGAIN!! but i end up giving mandatory punye arahan which no one ever want to think what happen if not follow (i'm sorry for my hot-tempered ye..)..penat kot nk mandi lagi..take ur bath kt toilet sudah la..we went to the muzium..this come the scariest part..there's tempat to show like how they dressed for some occasion they put it on the patung..they also show us how their life before..terkejut bha..there's patung like starring cousin and amat end up running out from dat place..seram sejuk jugk ae nk jln dh byr punye psl..jln jgk ae..tbe2 ade plak patung jatuh..pucat muka rse klu tembak pun xkluar drh dh..mmg cuak abes dh ni....after that we went to kampung budaya and to the menara the menara tinjau there's like dog breed place..bnyk gle anjing..takut nk turun but Abg Shahrul said 'diorg nie kt snie jinak mcm kucing..'..i dont believe it but there's child tbe2 pg sepak2 anjing tu..i felt liked..owh mmg putus nafas ae nk lri nie..then ajing tu like biar that time..patut la bdk tu brani anjing tu mmg jinak mcm kucing..


There's nothing left to story..just jln2 at Lok Kawi..went to muzium and watched some peformance from the animal..but the best part of the day..dinner time :) (makan je tau kn..)..Kak Eja masak bha hari ni..mmg best ae..aunty Laila bg soto banjau..mmg kecur air liur..again migrain desprately come to me to be my frenz..haish..mmg spoil mood btol..end up having fever and take my sleep with Aspirin..but still sempat makan before head back to the hotel..


my last day here..first thing after wake up..will miss them a lot..start to losing my mood..out of sudden my dad just realize we bought to much things and have to buy extra kilo for the luggage( air asia..biase ae kan..)..he asked me to used the office com..hiah..bnyk2 ank die aku jgk yg aunty from my mom side called me multipurpose person and i guess she's right..ade jgk org mcm ni kn..pelik2..then tgh sibuk2 and stuck for several time ade plak mamat receptionist nie sempat wat interview..he's lucky cause i have to jge my dad image..klu x mmg sdh berapi ni..i'm busy and bleh lg nk tnye2..haish..then called air asia..lpe sudh..nk blk ari nie mne bleh bli extra luggage lg..hiayaa...kne bli kt kaunter la...anyway thanks to Syed cause bg pinjam ur broadband even bising2 smpai dh thp i reach my limit..and thanks for helping me :)

it's the end of my holiday..sedih nye..still have about 3 weeks before my next sem..xtau la nk wat cmne nie..hmm..but still i'm happy because it cuti time.. :)
i'm sorie if my stories to bored to be read..but thanks for reading...( there's a fact said that if u like to read u won't get 'NYANYUK' when ur age going up2 and above X) )

P/S : people!! ready for ur school!!


12 hours out from the final exam hall i fly to SABAH!!
can't concentrate on the exam anymore...much like answering how to spend holidays at sabah... XD
relief after the final end...arrive home burden comes in...

1.things not yet pack books all over the room, can't even see the way in..(mcm ae study kn..) dad asking to do this and that..(as if i'm robot can process within 1 minute XD..sorry dad!!) granny is coming!!!(need to settle the room ASAP!!) aunt's present not settle yet... ngantuk cause not sleeping for several days...(enjoying my study)

my mom already start her radio since the day before my last paper..(sorie bu :P)but I take it as my entertainment while stay up late..
I have problem while stay make me sleepy..
every time i drink it..katil panggil sudah bha!!

after all, i manage to tidy up my room, pack my things and settle my aunt's present things..yeay for me...(applause..wohoo) but i end up stay up for the whole night..haiyaa..all of us get up at 3 a.m to get ready and catch up our holiday begin!!6 days of fun...


Staying up for so many eyes look like panda sudah, arrive at airport at 5 we check in and settle things up..breakfast...and up to the plane :)
sleeping for the whole 2 hours but still not enough bha..sampai2 makan lagi..(in minds..cuti nie naik lg.haish..)
from k.k we go straight to kudat to see 'matahari tidur' (it need rest too XD)
3 hour fill with sleep (again!! bad impression to my dad's frenz..hahaha)
spend night there..but as always stay up late see late night movies...( such bad habits..jgn ikut bha..)


from kudat we go to kundasang...takes about 3 hours kot..(and again it's sleeping time :P )
arrive at the kundasang we went for the strawberry farm, rose garden, and the war memorial..the place most attract me was the war memorial..there's sad story behind it..up to 2000 people died there because of JAPANESE but that was all in the back time ( no offense to all)..suddenly my dad's frenz asked me
'ade bf blom nie??' then i said as if there's anyone want me..he laugh like i said something really funny..he said i lied him..then i said ' klu ada bha, sudah bawak skali ni'..then he said 'jgn jual mahal bha, saham kau cukup tnggi sudah'..this time I laugh for real...since i can't stop lughing the topics end there..(sumpah gelak smpai malam owh..)penat jalan we enjoy our dinner at Haji Saimi sbb free..btw his wife dishes..superb wa ckp lu..but can't enjoy much cause my best fren forever comes to me(migrain sudah ni)than i take night stroll with panadol and imigran..mmg sweet dream abis nih...

tired sudah nie..till then i'll sambung my story..kat sne xde internet xbleh nk update..sorie bha sudah lama xupdate..busy nie :)
(bru turun plane lg nie :P)tata..till next time..bye2!!