Friday, June 18, 2010


12 hours out from the final exam hall i fly to SABAH!!
can't concentrate on the exam anymore...much like answering how to spend holidays at sabah... XD
relief after the final end...arrive home burden comes in...

1.things not yet pack books all over the room, can't even see the way in..(mcm ae study kn..) dad asking to do this and that..(as if i'm robot can process within 1 minute XD..sorry dad!!) granny is coming!!!(need to settle the room ASAP!!) aunt's present not settle yet... ngantuk cause not sleeping for several days...(enjoying my study)

my mom already start her radio since the day before my last paper..(sorie bu :P)but I take it as my entertainment while stay up late..
I have problem while stay make me sleepy..
every time i drink it..katil panggil sudah bha!!

after all, i manage to tidy up my room, pack my things and settle my aunt's present things..yeay for me...(applause..wohoo) but i end up stay up for the whole night..haiyaa..all of us get up at 3 a.m to get ready and catch up our holiday begin!!6 days of fun...


Staying up for so many eyes look like panda sudah, arrive at airport at 5 we check in and settle things up..breakfast...and up to the plane :)
sleeping for the whole 2 hours but still not enough bha..sampai2 makan lagi..(in minds..cuti nie naik lg.haish..)
from k.k we go straight to kudat to see 'matahari tidur' (it need rest too XD)
3 hour fill with sleep (again!! bad impression to my dad's frenz..hahaha)
spend night there..but as always stay up late see late night movies...( such bad habits..jgn ikut bha..)


from kudat we go to kundasang...takes about 3 hours kot..(and again it's sleeping time :P )
arrive at the kundasang we went for the strawberry farm, rose garden, and the war memorial..the place most attract me was the war memorial..there's sad story behind it..up to 2000 people died there because of JAPANESE but that was all in the back time ( no offense to all)..suddenly my dad's frenz asked me
'ade bf blom nie??' then i said as if there's anyone want me..he laugh like i said something really funny..he said i lied him..then i said ' klu ada bha, sudah bawak skali ni'..then he said 'jgn jual mahal bha, saham kau cukup tnggi sudah'..this time I laugh for real...since i can't stop lughing the topics end there..(sumpah gelak smpai malam owh..)penat jalan we enjoy our dinner at Haji Saimi sbb free..btw his wife dishes..superb wa ckp lu..but can't enjoy much cause my best fren forever comes to me(migrain sudah ni)than i take night stroll with panadol and imigran..mmg sweet dream abis nih...

tired sudah nie..till then i'll sambung my story..kat sne xde internet xbleh nk update..sorie bha sudah lama xupdate..busy nie :)
(bru turun plane lg nie :P)tata..till next time..bye2!!

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