Thursday, March 25, 2010

things that make me special

sorry for long time disappearing..lately been busy with study and all things(the truth is,being busy for games till there's no time for study XD) . still continuing writing this even though my radio has turn on by it self..( this is super not ghost story ok!! )back to the topic (after bragging about something not supposed to )

this suppose to be bad things bout me dat makes me so special..wonder bout the things rite?? XD (love dat..)

i juz realized i'm enjoying my life by stalking people..not intend to but my curiosity go beyond by itself make me want to explore more..(the ayt sounds nice but the things i did sgt lah xbaik)..actually i didn't know that myself love to stalk people until one day my frenz was telling bout the guy he liked and i said his named..she shocked coz xbg klu pn, then she asked cmne tau..i said nmpk korg dating hri tu..mne de ktorg xde pn dating2 ni..she said la..actually sndiri pun xtau mcm mne bleh tau maybe lucky guess je kot..but this thing make me clear enough that i'm a stalker..all my frenz slalu cter2 la bout the guy they like and i don't know y i always seen them with the guy they like juz before they tell me..start from dat mmg confirm sndri punye hobi ske stalk org..ske je follow ble nmpk kwn ngan org lain..haish..xbaik nie jgn ikot tau..( i'm sorie if my story so boring)and also very happy to waste my time follow org dating..padahl bknnye knl pun org tu...bahaye2..

more things make me special...hmm..i'm good at telling lies and very bad to tell the truth...cause all my frens only believe thing dat i lied but don't believe me when i'm telling the truth..citer yg betol tu mcm tpu ke??pelik and musykil plak..but this don't mean i always telling lies..cme klu bnde tu xbaik ble ckp tpkse la tpu2 still dosa tau.. (tau tp buat jgk..ble nk berubah ni??)

hmmm...there's still more i guess...oh..i'm lazy person..don't believe me?? i'm too lazy to explain..hahaha...people won't believe me if i said i'm lazy..only my sister a_f_q_h would admit it..ble ckp kt my frens actually i'm pemalas..diorg ckp..eleh ye ke..bdk baik mcm ni xkn la pemalas..i wonder if jd bdk baik ade kne mngena dgn pemalas??i don't think so not..being good girl doesn't make u rajin..and being rajin pun tak ensure u good girl kn..klu rajin mencuri pun kire rajin pe but the things u did is bad thing xconsider la as good girl :D (trying to satisfy myself with the explanation..hahaha)
actually mmg la org xpercaye kn..if i'm lazy i didn't make this blog, i didn't online, not writing for this blog la kn..for sure la org yg wat sume nie consider xmls..haiyaa..but i once felt so mls until i felt too mls to sleep..(teruk la perangai)

oh..oh..there's more x2...i'm home person!! ( this the only good things i guess)
i'm can have very nice day by only staying home all day XD
sometimes this give my frens bad impression..nmpk mcm sombong la plak..but i really enjoy my life at home..i can play games all day, online, play jigsaw puzzle , sleep, exercise (things dat must do sbb nk kurus )and lots of things yg rsenye xpyh describe kot...i'm sorry to all my frens, bkn xske korg tp i enjoy myself at home more than outside..(it turns up to be bad things la plak..hish..)

u guys must be wonder..this kid seems don't have good things bout herself..actually i don't know what i'm good at else than sports..that the most thing that captured my passion..else than that don't dare to say..afraid it turns out bad and make people feel unhappy..silent is the better way of life...but for bad things people always said it out loud to you and they remember it..people don't easily said u good at this and that rite..there's jealousy inside all of us.

P/S: jogging can prevent arthritis..exercise good for your life XD

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