Thursday, October 18, 2012

The me who is wondering...

I'm bored..bored to death
DAMN bored!!
gahh..why lah laptop you rosak the time
I have so little class anjd too much free time
wai oh wai...

okay..stop that nurul..
please just stop that drama thinggy..
the usual me lah k always..
but the great thing is..i have some
I mean a LOT of free time to do some
sefl reflecting and some critical thinking..
eh matured enough ke nk critical thinking bagai ni..

masa bosan ini telah diluangkan
dgn ber whatsapp-ing dgn family tercinta
termasuk lah cousin yg monyet gila and merapu.. they're not monyet..
Semua terpaksa kelayan kerenah minah london
tak cukup matang tak kira masa..

   'tak reply i'm going to cry'

ayat berbaur ugutan kepada cousin2 tersayang..
i'm a manja girl..
say what you wanna say
cause they'll love me no matter what
got that?no you dont!be jealous biaatch!

dlm ber-whatsapp bagai ni..
tetiba timbul isu fitnah dlm minda separa sedar
terfikir jugak akibat menyebarkan cerita yg kita blm pasti..
and i was wondering..
kalau kita sebarkan fitnah pada org
dh tentu lah berdosa
bila org yg mendengar berita yg kita sebarkan
menyebarkan pulak kepada org lain..
kita yg memulakan ni bershare dosa diorang..
oh mai..thats mean everytime org sebarkan
fitnah yg kita sebarkan
we gonna get share dosa jugak..
*time ni rasa bertaubat dh nk cerita psl org*

at the same time terfikir jugak..
org yg sebar fitnah ni apa dia dpt?
okay..dosa tu confirmlah..
selain tu?satisfaction is it?
satisfaction yg akhir nya memakan diri?
terlayar-layar lah jugak di kepala..
diorg ni dh terlampau bnyk pahala and confirm msk syurga
sbb tu cari time untk kumpul dosa pulak?
and i'm still wondering until now..
couldnt get the right answer..
but note to myself..speak when silence is not doing any good :)

p/s: when telling something that person doesn't like is also mengumpat..

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Emergency leave :S

err..konon.konon bunyi ambulance?
kata emergency..hehehe
okay merapu

well the super crazy nurul have become much more crazier
dengan membeli tiket pulang ke malaysia bagaikan
membeli ikan di pasar
"eh..dia ni org punya lah kumpul duit nk ke london dia balik mcm KL JB gayanya "
my abah said that.. comment..
well this time i feel much more like a holiday
because I get to spend more time with le friendsssss
and the BF :)
oh this is why I love Malaysia.. #eh?
aci ke macam tu?
even though this is an emergency leave
still i had a great fun
but towards the end..
I feel sad...AGAIN!!!
*duh-uh..the usual lah..*

while in Malaysia..I do realize my fashion disaster thinggy
 become much more worse than before..
red with purple and handbag with sneakers..
nurul you so gonna die as a fashion disaster!!
I have no fashion sense and do intend to be the best fashion disaster..
and every time people look at me...I feel so handsome lahh!!
*this has come to fast as it can!pelisss!*
well..not attention I'm seeking
but sometimes it kinda
fun ke?
as long as I said fun lah kan..
its my holiday so let me rule it!!
till next time..
much love :*

p/s: I've learn many things and the most important thing..jangan terjebak dgn permainan bodoh yg dicipta oleh orang-orang bodoh

Monday, September 24, 2012

I cried and i realised

hingus meleleh..*lap2 dgn hujung tudung*
erkkk..tetiba teringat dkt my friend..
she used to say this
"berulat hujung tudung tu haih" to aisyah sofia..
everytime I said that to anyone teringat kat ayat dia..
me smile :)

I'm crying?
Yes I am..
well not so homesick *muka berlagak*
it just things does happen for a reason
which i dont seem to see the reason..YET
perhaps after thiss..tomorrow month..
okay better stop now or it gonna take the whole post..

to be seen as a bad person always not good
but in my case I choose to be seen that way..
well is not I like it but it the easiest way for me
I've cried so much for what happen
and I do make more than once promise to myself
to STOP crying for this matter but..
this tears gland doesnt seem to understand my mind
or maybe they ter-forgot the promise we made together *eh yeke?*

I'm sorry to people who might have or maybe hurt
I'll take the responsibility for what gonna happen and what had happen
I promise myself *again?*
cry as much as you want
but never let myself question for what I have
thats not gonna solve the problem but at least it can only affect me

p/s: I live my life for myself :)

word trick..

gahhhh..I cant stop eating..that does mean saya di paras seteres yg amat melampau
erkkk?seteres?hmmm..what happened sampai seteres?
wondering.wondering.wondering.... exam is 2 months away from now..
I almost ter-forgot?eh?
am supposed to vacuum my room but
I put the vacuum besides me instead..
on my some games..
with imaginary that the vacuum will do some work for me..
seperti tlg menyedut lemak..
okay..itu serius imiginasi semata-mata (-___-)"'
go work your ass lah lazy bum! *can't hear you.can't hear you*

wasnt I suppose to be in front of my book?
or perhaps my examkit? class note?
*it can can wait* *hasutan minda jahat*

Hectic week it was..
class was 'fun' as usual..
bought my self a new pair of contact lens..
so that I can pretend i'm prettier than before..
* only happen..IN YOUR DREAM!!*
as I've said..getting a bit nervous for this time exam..
*mcm lah first timer*

learn few new things about myself..
as I get stress..My maigraine wont do any justice to me..
me sad so muchyyy..
and I loss half of my deria rasa everytime I take my painkiller..
It does kill the pain and it also killing my sense of taste..
and I do hate that..
and during the migraine attack..most of the thing I did..
I wont be able to recall them..
poor me..but its okay..
with this I've learned a new thing..
which make me more malas in kelas..

If the migraine attack during my time in class..
I turn on my recorder
and that way I can always recall what I've learn for that day
akibat fikiran jahat lebih menguasai..
good things turn out to be bad things for me..
when I'm malas to salin the notes..
I turn on the recorder and have leisure time by myself

okay..gonna sambung my drama lesson.. study time.. *liar.liar.liar*
till next time..

p/s: think positive cause you only live your life once!

Friday, September 14, 2012

I've learn my lesson

when the time has come..
oh I ter-forgot what I wanna write..AGAIN!
argghh..this lah I really dont like..
me seteres!! *stress*

This week was like a lonely holiday trip for myself, me and I
wasn't really a holiday trip..
more to museum trip..hmmm kot?
influenced by abang Im who know so many things
which he end up giving me some *many many time it was* story telling to me
impressed with things he told me..
I give myself a trip to 2-3 *or maybe 4?* museum..I end up spending my whole day
in the museum..
A great experience I must say
well there's to many things to myself immersed to the history
and I'm proud to say I wandered around the museum with 'baju kurung'
in which i never intend to wear even if I attend formal 'majlis' in malaysia
quite bangga isn't it? *geleng2..ish2 riak.riak*
'when you start to explore you know how little you've learned'
this word make me realize..
you only live once #YOLO
explore and learn everything before its too late
the new prinsip I give to myself

While giving myself a little present which a trip to the museum
I must say I'm bersyukur with the gift from Him
It always there but I never try to appreciate and try at least to be grateful
yesterday, I realized..It was never a kekurangan
while I was jalan-jalan inside the museum
because I was quite small compared to others they thought I was under 16
they let me to stand in front so I can learn more and hear clearer
during the hands on session they let me to see and touch the artifact before them
even during Q&A session they let me to question first before others
shouldn't I be grateful? *nod.nod*

I will get angry when they thought  I'm younger than my age
but now
I shall say..I'm grateful
credit to my size, I was given extra privilege
for most of the thing

Happy person I was during the trip
forget all the problem
and while walking on my way back home
I give myself a free time
to think..
people can be significant and insignificant to my life
Its me up to me.,,to choose who they are in my life
Its my life after all..and I decided you're no longger significant to my life
your words are like angin yg bertiup di waktu petang
seronok..sedih..marah.. semuanya berkemungkinan
but it only gonna last for that time..during the tiupan..nothing more than that
your choice to do or say anything you wanna say
I'm gonna live my life to the fullest no matter what people think and say..
as long my parent are there for me and knows who I am
Its more than enough for me
I don't need a faker but can always be accessory to my journey of life
so that i won't get bored along the journey :)

p/s: I do forgive but I don't forget..

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Up and down?

Severe breakdown I have here
After a few moment of joy
Nightmare during the day perhaps?
Can’t seem to find the way out quite for a while
Lost in the maze of my own complexion
Too much to care and too much to think
Again the migraine tag along to show my stress level above my limit
Remains to keep me reminded things have to go slow to their own pace
Painkiller stretch its arm to take me down to earth
Let the mind have a rest and let the body take a breathe
Let go everything for a while, a moment for myself I shall enjoy
Crying, mad and in the end laugh to myself
Problem solved it seems
Sunshine come and shine..
Another day to go through with the past remain as a history
Put up a smile and walk away with confident

p/s: the alarm rang already and I woke up from the imaginary world of mine

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I'm late.late.late and keep on coming late..
urgghhh..I guess things has gone back to normal?
*ermm..normal ke?*
*hmmm.normal it is*
*some korean song in the background~~*

first I start to lambat  datang to class
*not so late as I came before my lect came in..hehehe*
and today i'm late for my skating class
my coach already waited for me outside the rink
*dang! why did this malas come from*
after such a long break..I came late for my first lesson!
Nice one!
and the worse is..
I forgot to bring my jumper!!
its super cold when you are inside the ice rink
my coach which is a very nice and charming lady
lend me her jumper and glove :)
she even puji me bacause my skill does not got worse after
a long break
*clap3 for me*
sha asked me to prepare for the next level test..
*what???!!**deep breathe*
nothing much to worry because still have plenty time actualy

remeber that I said i wanna enjoy my weekend?
well..I did enjoyed it..
*bliss for me~~*
when for some open house for raya
*wait! in LONDON?* Yes it is*
happy tummy~~
and to make my weekend more joyful..
i went for fruit picking :)
again a happy tummy :9
well thats from me for this time

*a long weekend i have this time 5 days break*
*happy me*

P/S: forgiveness is what you shall seek..not attention :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I do?

Morning everybody?
morning lah kot..hmmm *selak langsir* *angguk2*
It is morning..
*batuk.batuk* (i'm not feeling well ke?)
*grab a thermometer* wait a couple minute..
oh just fine..penyakit malas lebih ni..hehehe

Feeling lit bit sad here..
My first time to celebrate my Merdeka bukan di Malaysia
Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! 
Oh wait!
before I ter-forgot..
I didn't even celebrate it..
I have class from morning till evening..
*crying alone*
but its okay I long Malaysia remains in my heart and I do my best to be a good Malaysian
(ehm..ehm..Good ke?)

Well nothing much to say here
as my class have started and it is boring
3 days a week which start from 9 o'clock until 5
take my whole day it seems..
and as I got back from class..homework.homework and homework..
when it comes to end of the day I choose sleep as my bonus for all my hardwork during the day
*eh?hardwork?think twice nurul.think twice*

Guess it come to the end..
gonna enjoy my weekend a lit bit
and have some extraordinary fun
before I start my boring jadual as usual
Got to go
gonna update later :)
Have a nice weekend people
Ceriakan hari anda dgn senyuman
and put more sweets in your smile

p/s: I want some nescafe right now..

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It ends here

*lap2 hingus kat tisu*
okay terpaksa mengaku habuk setinggi klcc..hehehe
lama dh biar blog terabai..
some of my friend ada ckp
" nurul dia sekarang org london mana dh nk update2 blog "
well to be frank..saya malas dan MALAS..hihihi
cakap pasal org london..skrg london tgh busy with olympic and  I'm back in Malaysia for holidays..hooray!!

it has come to the sad
right now i'm preparing to go back to London
well the not so happy me keep on giving alasan
because I am really berat hati to go back
while everybody celebrating their Raya happily
I'm counting my days left in Malaysia
*lap hingus guna hujung tudung*

leave the sad part for a while..
My raya this year..we have a new family member with us :)
*the phone dance*
as our family getting bigger..the camera-ing job semakin banyak..
well because of miscalculation from the not so good accountant to be..
we short of film while everybody has put up their smile on the face
sorry..never thought everybody will go for the film rather than digital
above all we still have fun on that day
despise all the gaduh-ing for their giliran nak tangkap gambar
who's looks better and who's not
and thats how our family grow *take a bow* eh?

the drama starts here?
well so not..
this is the end of this entry
before i forget..
I've promise myself to update my blog once a week..
and we'll see how its going..
Janji ditepati?
wishing everybody Selamat Hari Raya
and Happy Merdeka :)

p/s: I love you?