Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Emergency leave :S

err..konon.konon bunyi ambulance?
kata emergency..hehehe
okay merapu

well the super crazy nurul have become much more crazier
dengan membeli tiket pulang ke malaysia bagaikan
membeli ikan di pasar
"eh..dia ni org punya lah kumpul duit nk ke london dia balik mcm KL JB gayanya "
my abah said that.. comment..
well this time i feel much more like a holiday
because I get to spend more time with le friendsssss
and the BF :)
oh this is why I love Malaysia.. #eh?
aci ke macam tu?
even though this is an emergency leave
still i had a great fun
but towards the end..
I feel sad...AGAIN!!!
*duh-uh..the usual lah..*

while in Malaysia..I do realize my fashion disaster thinggy
 become much more worse than before..
red with purple and handbag with sneakers..
nurul you so gonna die as a fashion disaster!!
I have no fashion sense and do intend to be the best fashion disaster..
and every time people look at me...I feel so handsome lahh!!
*this has come to fast as it can!pelisss!*
well..not attention I'm seeking
but sometimes it kinda
fun ke?
as long as I said fun lah kan..
its my holiday so let me rule it!!
till next time..
much love :*

p/s: I've learn many things and the most important thing..jangan terjebak dgn permainan bodoh yg dicipta oleh orang-orang bodoh

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