Friday, March 8, 2013

The shoes and people

P!NK- Fucking Perfect

The moment I learn new things i realized I've know so little,
Life isn't always about me..and things doesn't always goes according to my way
People talk..people think and they think they have right to do so
freely judging and think no one is better than them
well I've to say...humans are selfish
when they want others to care about their feeling and what-so-ever
they at the 1st place never care about others
we've heard people said about goes the same way to everyone
the fruit you get today is what you've planted yesterday
so don't blame others..

Just when they saw someone that they think not proper
they talk about them
when they saw about things happen they didn't like
they talk about it
when they didn't like the person
again they talk
they make judgement out of what they saw
have you ever think?
what story happen behind things you saw..
why it happens to something like that
you were never in their shoes but still you talk about them
have you ever wonder?
can i do any better than they did it if i were to walk in their shoes
the answer most probably will be no..
and yet you still talk about them
you'll get angry when people talk about you, your friend, or your family
but have you ever think of feelings people you've been talk all this time?
how hurt they can be?
how hurt their family?
how angry their friends?

Today I realized how lucky I am to walk in my own shoes
and walk my own life path
i dont know about how many people have better life than me
but I know I'm more than grateful with what I've have compared to what others dont have
despise what people will talk about me..
I tell myself to comfortably walk in my own shoes and lead my life to better one
let them be..they can live with their talk if they want to because in the end
the one I should care is What Allah think of me
not the busybody people who always love to talk about others..

I remember this one phrase my ustaz told me
"Hati tempat jatuhnya pandangan Allah , Jasad lahir tumpuan manusia.   Utamakanlah pandangan Allah daripada pandangan manusia"

p/s: people change and its their choice to be a better one or the other way around :)