Monday, September 24, 2012

I cried and i realised

hingus meleleh..*lap2 dgn hujung tudung*
erkkk..tetiba teringat dkt my friend..
she used to say this
"berulat hujung tudung tu haih" to aisyah sofia..
everytime I said that to anyone teringat kat ayat dia..
me smile :)

I'm crying?
Yes I am..
well not so homesick *muka berlagak*
it just things does happen for a reason
which i dont seem to see the reason..YET
perhaps after thiss..tomorrow month..
okay better stop now or it gonna take the whole post..

to be seen as a bad person always not good
but in my case I choose to be seen that way..
well is not I like it but it the easiest way for me
I've cried so much for what happen
and I do make more than once promise to myself
to STOP crying for this matter but..
this tears gland doesnt seem to understand my mind
or maybe they ter-forgot the promise we made together *eh yeke?*

I'm sorry to people who might have or maybe hurt
I'll take the responsibility for what gonna happen and what had happen
I promise myself *again?*
cry as much as you want
but never let myself question for what I have
thats not gonna solve the problem but at least it can only affect me

p/s: I live my life for myself :)

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