Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Up and down?

Severe breakdown I have here
After a few moment of joy
Nightmare during the day perhaps?
Can’t seem to find the way out quite for a while
Lost in the maze of my own complexion
Too much to care and too much to think
Again the migraine tag along to show my stress level above my limit
Remains to keep me reminded things have to go slow to their own pace
Painkiller stretch its arm to take me down to earth
Let the mind have a rest and let the body take a breathe
Let go everything for a while, a moment for myself I shall enjoy
Crying, mad and in the end laugh to myself
Problem solved it seems
Sunshine come and shine..
Another day to go through with the past remain as a history
Put up a smile and walk away with confident

p/s: the alarm rang already and I woke up from the imaginary world of mine

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