Saturday, September 1, 2012

I do?

Morning everybody?
morning lah kot..hmmm *selak langsir* *angguk2*
It is morning..
*batuk.batuk* (i'm not feeling well ke?)
*grab a thermometer* wait a couple minute..
oh just fine..penyakit malas lebih ni..hehehe

Feeling lit bit sad here..
My first time to celebrate my Merdeka bukan di Malaysia
Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! 
Oh wait!
before I ter-forgot..
I didn't even celebrate it..
I have class from morning till evening..
*crying alone*
but its okay I long Malaysia remains in my heart and I do my best to be a good Malaysian
(ehm..ehm..Good ke?)

Well nothing much to say here
as my class have started and it is boring
3 days a week which start from 9 o'clock until 5
take my whole day it seems..
and as I got back from class..homework.homework and homework..
when it comes to end of the day I choose sleep as my bonus for all my hardwork during the day
*eh?hardwork?think twice nurul.think twice*

Guess it come to the end..
gonna enjoy my weekend a lit bit
and have some extraordinary fun
before I start my boring jadual as usual
Got to go
gonna update later :)
Have a nice weekend people
Ceriakan hari anda dgn senyuman
and put more sweets in your smile

p/s: I want some nescafe right now..

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