Friday, September 14, 2012

I've learn my lesson

when the time has come..
oh I ter-forgot what I wanna write..AGAIN!
argghh..this lah I really dont like..
me seteres!! *stress*

This week was like a lonely holiday trip for myself, me and I
wasn't really a holiday trip..
more to museum trip..hmmm kot?
influenced by abang Im who know so many things
which he end up giving me some *many many time it was* story telling to me
impressed with things he told me..
I give myself a trip to 2-3 *or maybe 4?* museum..I end up spending my whole day
in the museum..
A great experience I must say
well there's to many things to myself immersed to the history
and I'm proud to say I wandered around the museum with 'baju kurung'
in which i never intend to wear even if I attend formal 'majlis' in malaysia
quite bangga isn't it? *geleng2..ish2 riak.riak*
'when you start to explore you know how little you've learned'
this word make me realize..
you only live once #YOLO
explore and learn everything before its too late
the new prinsip I give to myself

While giving myself a little present which a trip to the museum
I must say I'm bersyukur with the gift from Him
It always there but I never try to appreciate and try at least to be grateful
yesterday, I realized..It was never a kekurangan
while I was jalan-jalan inside the museum
because I was quite small compared to others they thought I was under 16
they let me to stand in front so I can learn more and hear clearer
during the hands on session they let me to see and touch the artifact before them
even during Q&A session they let me to question first before others
shouldn't I be grateful? *nod.nod*

I will get angry when they thought  I'm younger than my age
but now
I shall say..I'm grateful
credit to my size, I was given extra privilege
for most of the thing

Happy person I was during the trip
forget all the problem
and while walking on my way back home
I give myself a free time
to think..
people can be significant and insignificant to my life
Its me up to me.,,to choose who they are in my life
Its my life after all..and I decided you're no longger significant to my life
your words are like angin yg bertiup di waktu petang
seronok..sedih..marah.. semuanya berkemungkinan
but it only gonna last for that time..during the tiupan..nothing more than that
your choice to do or say anything you wanna say
I'm gonna live my life to the fullest no matter what people think and say..
as long my parent are there for me and knows who I am
Its more than enough for me
I don't need a faker but can always be accessory to my journey of life
so that i won't get bored along the journey :)

p/s: I do forgive but I don't forget..

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  1. im glad you having a great time:)
    i am terriblyyyy missing you. erm. that doesn't sound right. but you get the point :)