Monday, September 24, 2012

word trick..

gahhhh..I cant stop eating..that does mean saya di paras seteres yg amat melampau
erkkk?seteres?hmmm..what happened sampai seteres?
wondering.wondering.wondering.... exam is 2 months away from now..
I almost ter-forgot?eh?
am supposed to vacuum my room but
I put the vacuum besides me instead..
on my some games..
with imaginary that the vacuum will do some work for me..
seperti tlg menyedut lemak..
okay..itu serius imiginasi semata-mata (-___-)"'
go work your ass lah lazy bum! *can't hear you.can't hear you*

wasnt I suppose to be in front of my book?
or perhaps my examkit? class note?
*it can can wait* *hasutan minda jahat*

Hectic week it was..
class was 'fun' as usual..
bought my self a new pair of contact lens..
so that I can pretend i'm prettier than before..
* only happen..IN YOUR DREAM!!*
as I've said..getting a bit nervous for this time exam..
*mcm lah first timer*

learn few new things about myself..
as I get stress..My maigraine wont do any justice to me..
me sad so muchyyy..
and I loss half of my deria rasa everytime I take my painkiller..
It does kill the pain and it also killing my sense of taste..
and I do hate that..
and during the migraine attack..most of the thing I did..
I wont be able to recall them..
poor me..but its okay..
with this I've learned a new thing..
which make me more malas in kelas..

If the migraine attack during my time in class..
I turn on my recorder
and that way I can always recall what I've learn for that day
akibat fikiran jahat lebih menguasai..
good things turn out to be bad things for me..
when I'm malas to salin the notes..
I turn on the recorder and have leisure time by myself

okay..gonna sambung my drama lesson.. study time.. *liar.liar.liar*
till next time..

p/s: think positive cause you only live your life once!

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