Thursday, September 6, 2012


I'm late.late.late and keep on coming late..
urgghhh..I guess things has gone back to normal?
*ermm..normal ke?*
*hmmm.normal it is*
*some korean song in the background~~*

first I start to lambat  datang to class
*not so late as I came before my lect came in..hehehe*
and today i'm late for my skating class
my coach already waited for me outside the rink
*dang! why did this malas come from*
after such a long break..I came late for my first lesson!
Nice one!
and the worse is..
I forgot to bring my jumper!!
its super cold when you are inside the ice rink
my coach which is a very nice and charming lady
lend me her jumper and glove :)
she even puji me bacause my skill does not got worse after
a long break
*clap3 for me*
sha asked me to prepare for the next level test..
*what???!!**deep breathe*
nothing much to worry because still have plenty time actualy

remeber that I said i wanna enjoy my weekend?
well..I did enjoyed it..
*bliss for me~~*
when for some open house for raya
*wait! in LONDON?* Yes it is*
happy tummy~~
and to make my weekend more joyful..
i went for fruit picking :)
again a happy tummy :9
well thats from me for this time

*a long weekend i have this time 5 days break*
*happy me*

P/S: forgiveness is what you shall seek..not attention :)

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