Thursday, June 24, 2010


sticky..hmm..the title sounds weird but this story just a plain story from my day.. :)
my cousin who have stayed with us about 1 week and plus2 (actually can't remember how long he have been here XP ) asked me to bring him to OU..and today we went there..for the first time being the tour guide (dh la xpnh pg OU tu..hahaha) best jugak la jln2..
but actually the most that captured my eyes was the STICKY shop!! when i sampai at that kedai their staff preparing the candy..i stayed and sticked to that placed for about an hour...the staff start to pandang2 us..but their candy make place is open type so it means bleh la nk tgkkn..even dh tgk for an hour and more we walk out from the kedai with nothing in hands..sorrie ye kakak cashier..mhl sgt la..can't give satisfaction.. XP (all the staff mst like tgh kutuk2 or what)

caused this like the first time i round the whole OU nye bangunan, once again I stick to one place..MPH!! being book lover is not a crime right??but didn't bring spare money for my books juz can jln2 and pegang jelah..i stop for a while at John Grisham book shelves..adore his writing so much..even it's a little bit heavy but enjoyed reading it..because the main things i was here to take my cousin for a tour xbleh la nk bertapa lama2 kt MPH.. ;(

after jln2 for about more than 3 hours..(cipta rekod actually..xpnh kluar lme cmni slain tgk wayang :D ) I saw people line up in front of GSC..wonder why..owh it's actually collecting ticket session for BEAST/B2ST showcase..sumpah pnjng gyler and luckily i followed what my mom said..'xpyh la pg, tgk kt dlm tv lg clear..bkn nye dpt jmpe pn..2 ribu bkn nye skit tau..'..if not i might be end up line up till 9 p.m.
so not going to do dat..moreover the showcase will be at 7 pm on saturday..mne nk solat nnt..haish..bkn rezeki la nmenye..

then pnt sdh jln2..called my driver to pick us up..when straight home..letih la..
things i learned today.always follow what your mom say..there's always a good thing behind never want to ruin their you mom..

P/S: don't expect people to change for you..just accept how they are..that's bring more happiness..

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