Thursday, January 31, 2013


This heart had broken once but now it shattered to pieces..
I've lost faith in them..
It take me years to open up but once again I left with pain
no one to be blame because of my incompetence..
people may think that they are not responsible for what other thinks of them
but I realised that I'm responsible for my action that makes what people thinks of me

The tears rundown to my cheeks..
On the last chapter, I've end it with a fullstop after the last sentence..
Now everything remain as history for me..
memory left to be remember..
no more start anew chance shall I say..
What left in the history can't be change nor be corrected
It can only be left as it is..

The Lone Ranger
with the new title of life..
I'm gonna enjoy my life to the fullest
Let it be happy and joy only to be written :)

p/s : sometimes it last in love,  but sometimes it hurt instead

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