Monday, February 8, 2010


2 years of my life without u guys juz make me feel like i'm dragging myself to hell...wish that u guys could always be by my side..sharing stories like old time, gosipping about things we don't like..ahhh..what a happy moment back then..can't we juz always be 17 for all of our life but no more SPM!!hahaha..things would never go like we want la kn..

Haiyaa!!how come i'm not missing u guys..yg dua tu tercampak kat MELAKA yg sorang lg kt i'm alone at the same place and not going anywhere..hahaha XDD

I miss all u guys punye gadoh2 things bout sumthing that not really to be gadoh for..
miss IHSAN'S line
what to do i'm so fabulous
..miss the radio dj thing which specially made for II and NA from ANISUDIN..u would say sumthing like
lagu ini ditujukan kepada pasangan II dan NA
..damn it I miss it so much la!!
not to forget another line from FARIS our most rambut terpacak guy..
tu sume tadehal la weyh
...juz love u guys so damn much...

Ihsan skrg yg dh HOT!! *kening2

Dj radio yg tak lapuk dek panas XD..go ANISUDIN go!!

Rambut still steady..FARIS!!

Wish all of us could get together back..don't forget me who never go anywhere nor do anything else then waiting for u guys!!(jgn mrh klu bz and tak sempat nk jmpe :P)

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