Tuesday, February 9, 2010


must be wonder what kind of story would it be..even equation could be my story..figuring it out for days long..now have the courage to write..

met him for the first time..wah..so comel..that's what spill from my mind..hahaha XD
so gatal la this NURUL :P
first impression always stick to our tiny little MR. MEMORY right...wonder who is he, what's his name made my day gone without realizing it..see the smile on his face for all the day made me fall in love without any warning from my brain to my heart..why is it we always fall for someone that is hard to get??..hmmm..wonder why..

first time met him at the family day thing, his dad and my dad work at the same place la...first i don't wanna join the thing but to take care all of my sisters have to la..(nampak sgt xikhlas kn) i noticed him when he played "lari dalam guni" game..i was there to take pictures..never thought gonna met him there..hahaha..
after all the acara padang we have dinner..all of us have to attend..at first a lit bit malas coz penat, then my dad said
"mane boleh sume org ank2 die pg"
afterthat i'm rushing to the toilet getting ready for the dinner...why??coz if everbody bring their kids means he's gonna be there..hahaha XPP
sampai kt dewan or sumthing look like foyer they assign us to sit the table behind my dad..mke dh ala2 mcm cpt lah bnde nie habis
then happy time coming...WE'RE AT THE SAME TABLE!!..
spending time with him all night feel like i'm the happiest person in the world..but of course la not alone kan..with all my siblings are there hope he didn't noticed I always curi2 pandang to him..after dinner i went upstairs to my room, before dat already said to him "malam nie nk turun tgk chelsea lwn la"..he juz smile and walk away..at my room i decided to take nap before the match..arghh..damn it, to tired to wake up..tlajak tido smpai pg..
MENYESAL smpai hari nie tau x!! i keep saying " klu la turun mlm tu mst dh bleh mntk no phone die!!"
ceh muke xtau malu btol..hahaha.. XPP
but after all thanks to the person who organized this family day thing..klu tak jgn hrp la nk knl ngan die kn...

something suddenly made me stop from saying those line....
He add me!!
but happy always come with sad..i think he fall for my sister la..
then i got he's phone number but yet don't have enough courage to text him :(
my sister said..wait la until he asked yours..
arghhh..so sad la..wish i could say that
make u wonder what that suppose to mean until u got it right..but it will remain as a wish..
till i can have have ur less than 3..
i'm looking forward to it..

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