Thursday, February 11, 2010

Should I...

Should I message him,
Should I forget him,
Should I juz let this feeling blow away,
Should I juz wait and see,
or should I juz move on...
few days they had been rolling in my mind..
should I this or should I that..

Should I message him??
what if he don't even want to be my friend ,
what if he already have a girlfriend,
question answered with question..

Should I forget him??
than this is what pop up in my mind..
"What if he do like me and I only realize when there's someone else??"

more question left without an answer

Should I let this feeling blow away??
my heart say no..
suffered enough with unanswered question this one juz add more to it..hmmm..
why do I fall for u at the first place?? even better if we never met..

Should I juz wait and see??
What to waiting for and waiting juz to see more thing that will make myself suffer??
this one really made my mind go off the track..

should I juz move on??
done this thousand of time..can i bear with this anymore??
found someone and do nothing but juz let it go??
what a coward person I am..
give up and doing nothing..such a nonsense...

should I this and should I that..
someone please give me an answer..
what should i do??
waiting, move on or just ignore this feeling??

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