Friday, February 12, 2010

smile is more valuable than love

to see his smile more than enough for me than having his love that would make someone else suffer more than me...
to love someone not always meant you have to get or have them..
juz get to see his smile with happiness shine through his face are more valuable things i could ever have..
his love ones is far better than me and i shall back of from this game of love..
my heart bursting their tears right now but this juz another things i've to bear to move on in my life..
i wonder why i always fall for the wrong person??
maybe the pain i felt right now is a sign that i should not open my heart to someone else again..
so i don't have to endure such this pain again and again..
never thought this would happen to me so many time..
and every single time it's happen it made me realize there's only one love that will last forever
the love to ALLAH..
right now i'm learning to give my love and only love just for HIM ..
not to anyone else that will then hurt myself in the end
HE would always listen to me, hear all burdens i felt
never tired to hear what i say and always there for me
always give what i want..for things he gave he never ask for payment but I juz need to obey him which will lead to more good things for my life..
this test you made me through juz made me realize LOVE is only for YOU
the start of my new life begin with all my love is just for YOU
i shall now closed my heart and move on my life...
there's no more love to spread cause it always for YOU..

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