Sunday, July 18, 2010

Camping is the real way to experience life!!

Camping!! not so good with this kind of things but still having fun joining it..hehehe

Staying up till morning being 'jaga' are the most exciting experience..while staying up late, my frens and I start sharing ghost storie which end up frightened us to go somewhere alone..(lawak sungguh kami ini) much things to share takut plak nnt tak cukup space nk tulis..(this will never ever happen..sje nk gimik lebih)

actually this camping not meant for me..just teman my sister which this is her first time..but I end up joining the camping through all their activity....sgt lah menyebok smpai tersgt la pnt sbb bnyk sgt keje..hahaha..pdn muke spe srh menyebok..

MR -S-D-W- sorrie for not update you for this past three days..sgt busy with the camping and there's no time for you..hahaha..actually enjoying the camping so much and totally forget to update..sorie2..

we walked about 7km around shah alam yesterday...having so much fun and this is the time all participant true colour shows..sgt la bnyk kerenah mereka semua ini..sampai dah tak cukup otak nak melayan..hahaha..(my words are so bombastik due to severe damaged..hahaha)but at least i'm having fun..that's my priority..

forgot week i'll be joining another camping activity..wohoo..this time only for two days..again MR -S-D-W- don't be mad if i didn't update.. :D
after that i'll have the olahraga day will be full and no time for outing..yeay..that's my aim actually..susah2 i'll tell everything here then no need for update anymore kn??agree everyone??easiest way for myself kn..(this going to make the gunung berapi memuntahkan segala lava yg ade..)tp nnt xtau la your story..but there's always a way to know bout you.. XDD

Eh, dh slh masuk cter plak..this supposed to be this camping entry..haiyaa..
want to share bout the survivor things which all participant have to take part..they have to make dish for 10 people..time ni lah segala suara kedengaran disana-sini..sungguh seronok hamba meng'observe'nye..they're provided with ayam,telur and kobis..sungguh terserlah segala skill yg ade..ade yg msk tp xmsk..ade yg msk ala2 hotel..sungguh xsngke plak..klu la diorng bleh wat cmtu kt hutan btol..i'm willing to stay kat hutan forever..hahaha..

sampai disini sajalah yg dapat hamba berstorie ye..esk ade klas and my mom already bising sbb to much sports less study..keje bnyk menimbun kt meja xabis lg..dh la rutin dh start..cari nahas you MR -S-D-W-!!

ini lah saya bersama-sama mereka yg terlibat..peserta bersama saya dan rakan2..

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