Saturday, July 24, 2010

Encik Rutin lama sudah tak jumpa!!

Lama sudah tak berjumpa dengan Encik Rutin..around 2-3 month jugak la..
now have to start my routine as usual..
nnt klu tak start skrg pancit pulak nk lari :P
I'm sorry MR S my sports life is more important than you..
won't budge a bit even you offer me lot of things dear MR S..
sorry yaw..but I'll try to spent a little time for you.. :)
haish..slalu tersasar dari trek..
luckily didn't happen whenever i've tournament..hee~~
i think we more like even la MR S..
lately pun you didn't update much bout you..
maybe to busy to care for ur update..
but it's okay for me as long as you stay healthy and happy :)

than as long as I'm happy you will do the same right?? ngee~~ :P
my day will be more busier than before..
if back then i have time to chat with frens and hang out a little..
now my time fully accompanied by my routine..sigh..
but i really enjoying it even though it tiresome ..
healthy life with more routine..that's what i always tell myself whenever i feel wanna back off from my routine day life..
memang sgt penat tau..kadang2 sampai tak terlarat nak bangun pegi klas..
but as a student..klas still klas no matter how tired you're kan??
the lecturer never wait for have to follow with the flow..
Encik Rutin yg dh lame tak la saya rase tak penat (mcm la boleh :P)
susah la saya klu selalu penat..
tapi sebab sport i sacrifice kan mase saya untuk bermain..
hope will have great result in the end..doakan saya ye!!

i've once cried because of my routine..i'm the one who set for higher target..
then feel like wanna back off suddenly when seeing others doing so great without any feel susah pun..i cried like crazy dat time..mmg nak give up abis..than my mom told me..kita dah berusaha semampu kita, jgn nak sangat menang sampai diri sendiri yang tanggung sakitnya..routine oh almost turn my life up side down..(lawak la pulak bile ingat balik :D )
that time i back to basic and slowly set for higher target in my routine..even though didn't manage to the highest but still had fun and good result..yeay!!
i know my story so boring but thanks for reading :)

P/S:DARE yourself to take the challenge and tried your best..aim higher but never regret if you didn't win because you've try your best..being a winner not always about winning something..tried your best effort and dare to take the challenge already make yourself a winner :)

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