Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Saya Sayang awaklah Encik -S-D-W-

Encik -S-D-W- yg sgt jahat..
awak dh culik hati saya..
tapi saya tak kesah.. XD
i know you never even know i'm exist in part of your life (sedihnye :'( )
but i don't care..
sorie for being your stalker..
never have any intention to hurt or harm you..
always wish you would read all my entry for you :)
but it'll never happen..i guess..
but thanks to the brand new world we live in now..
i'm able to know your update..even you don't notice me..
i hope 1 day you will singgah to my blog and read my entry.. XP
thanks..for updating bout yourself regurlarly..thanks a lot yaw!!

things i need you to give back is LOVE..if you can la..
i know you don't want to have any commitment right now..
that's why i never even bother whether you know me or not :D
i'll support you in what ever you do..but there's limitation for me of course..
we're not in the same religion but things always change..hope it for good la kan..
hope you'll know me some day and i get to know you better..
i know what kind of person you in the outside but never in the inside..
jgn buruk sudahlah kn..always wish for the best for you but never dare to stand up and say it out loud..poor you never hear my cheer..but i'm always there for you..
sorie la kan coz can't even cheer for you when you're down and have bad time in your life..but i never left you alone..you the one who never realise it..(of course la kn..saya ni sgt la bengong..XP)

again..thanks a lot sbb already kidnapped my heart..love you more when you never know who i am..lots of love from me..

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