Thursday, April 7, 2011

He is not there, why believe in him?

emmm..this post will probably be in english as the story may catch others hearts also..
not so proud with my story but to share something i feel interesting to be read by others..
not here to search for popularity also..but still thanks for that if it come to me :) (hahaha)

As a muslim we believe Allah is always with us no matter when, where and what we are doing..not even a second he left us alone..only we who always tend to forget things when we are happy and crawl back to Him as bad things shoot like a gun..thus we must remember never ever forget we are not alone.. for non-muslim they must be wondering why we keep on our faith to something that we can't even see, touch, which maybe it never of you must at least once being asked by the non-muslim :

" why do you believe in your god(Allah)?? You cannot see him , you can't speak to him. It seems like he never exist "

 or something that have the same meaning..This thing also happen to one of my friend.
She didn't 'melatah' but calmly smile and asked the Chinese guy:
" Did you believe in love?"
That guy confidently said, "of course, how could one not, everybody does"
My friend smiled and asked again :
"You can't see love and can't even touch it , how can you believe in love?"

That time the guy almost pop his anger balloon..he almost let out only cursing words rather than answering the question..Later, he said that we could not compare between believe in love and believe in Allah. He keep on opposing, saying that love can be shown through action and words which may convince other to believe in love. Hearing his answer, my friend almost laugh because of his childish attitude.Then my friend said :
" But still you can't see the love itself right? It is the same when you keep your faith in hopes. Can you see the things you're hoping coming to you directly? I bet you can't. It's the same with us. It because we believe Allah is there and always with us, as same as you believe love exist in the world. We keep faith to Him because we know He never leave us alone. You said that love can be shown through action and words..We also did the same things..we perform prayers as an action that we believe Allah is there and we recite doa' asked for help because we have faith in Him."

After that the chinese seems to calm down a little bit..actually my friend also frightened when the chinese gone mad.. :) Than my friend asked him whether he knows how days can turn to night?does he see any machine that did the system? The guy said no..and my friend said..That is the greatness of Allah..

The guy sit calmly and maybe start to think of what my friend had said to him..Then, he said this is the first time he found someone who can give him satisfying answer to his curiosity. He never thought one could answer his question as he had asked so many muslim but mostly would say
"Because He is Allah"
"Because I'm a Muslim"
"Because Islam said so"
My friend herself got shocked after hearing that..Doesn't that shows bad impression about Islam to the non-muslim? Before he left he said, thanks for the info and wait for him to be one of us..My friend smile and said Insyaallah..

Hearing this story..impressed me a lot..patience and knowledge can rule the can one be so patience..If it was me, there must be a debate there..(hahaha, i'm joking)..I think i need to build up my patience level from now on..I'm realizing the knowledge itself is not enough if you don't know how to deliver it to others with the right ways..If this can open their heart, why not we try to be the one who open their heart..

P/S: I have broken english..sorry if there is language mistake :)

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